Your Pocket Landline.
In 4 easy steps



How soon will I know my number ?

You choose it from over 12 million numbers, click on the number picker within the one network website – the process will automatically reserve your chosen number for you.

How long does it take to activate my my number?

As soon as we have received your signed Direct Debit mandate or recurring payment method authorisation from you we will activate your chosen number.

Can I have more than one number allocated to my account?


Is this just another call forwarding service?

No – totally different.  We can place additional features such as call recording, auto attendants, intelligant call routing and much more on to you account.

Will my number with its area code be shown as the caller ID when making a call or sending an SMS?

You can choose to HIDE ID, just as you can with a standard landline or mobile number.

Can I port my numbers ointo The One Network?


Will my calls work internationally?


What email address will the voicemail get sent to?

You will get the opportunity to elect an email destination during the registration process (this can be changed).  Your emailed .WAV file voicemails can be opened by any media player.

Can I get all of my calls recorded and stored?

Yes – for a small increment in your monthly line rental all of your calls (in and out) and voicemails can be store and access by you 24/7.

What does the monthly line rental cover?

It covers your number, the provisioning across the networks and the on-going charges associated with managing the service.  This rental (unless otherwise stated) does not include calls.

Why do I pay to receive calls?

This is an access charge, levied by the carriers, to allow our innovative services to work.  This is a very small amount 1.5p per minute – billed by the second (therefore a 30 second call will cost 0.75 of a penny).  This is by far cheaper than employing somebody to answer office based phones, calling office to mobile rates or paying full fixed line rental rates.

How do I access suppprt?

Get in contact and we will reprovision.  Contact 0845 555 2 111 or email