What is 3G?

Comparing 2G and 3G

2G was originally designed for calls and texts and a very basic internet experience. 3G gives you faster speeds when browsing the internet on your Three phone or with your Mobile Broadband dongle.

What is 3G?

3G stands for 3rd generation. It’s what lets you use the internet on your mobile phone and get Mobile Broadband on your laptop. 3G lets you make calls, send texts and gives you better access to internet services on your phone and with your Mobile Broadband dongle. It’s faster to download and browse the internet with 3G than on 2G, which means you can watch high quality videos on websites like YouTube, or upload pictures to Facebook®.

These are some of the things you can do on 3G:

  • Fast connection to the internet on your phone and Mobile Broadband dongleMr One Network
  • Download music, pictures and games up to 10 times faster than on 2G.
  • Quickly access up-to-the minute weather reports, sports bulletins and Twitter or Facebook updates at the touch of a button.
  • Stream music and videos using services like YouTube and Spotify on compatible phones.
  • Use applications like Google Maps or Nokia Maps to get to where you’re going easily.
  • Upload photos quickly and easily to your favourite websites, like Facebook or Flickr.
  • Communicate in different ways with Skype, Windows Live™ Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • 3G offers better quality calls compared to 2G.